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Established in 1987, from very humble beginnings the ITS User Group has grown to a membership of some 34 Higher Education & TVET Institutions throughout Africa, Ireland and New Zealand.
Membership of the ITS User Group is open to all organisations and institutions utilising the Integrated Tertiary Software (Pty) Ltd administrative systems

THE GOALS of the ITS User Group
The specific goals of the ITS User Group are to:

  • afford the users of the ITS Administrative System opportunities to discuss matters of common interest and to find solutions to common problems;
  • effect liaison between different users;
  • protect the interests of the members;
  • effect and promote liaison between user members and the company Adapt IT;
  • act collectively in negotiations with the company Adapt IT;
  • consolidate and integrate locally developed software into the ITS Integrator System;
  • play a major role in disseminating its collective knowledge amongst members of the Group;
  • provide Adapt IT with the user requirements for system enhancements.

ADMINISTRATION of the ITS Integrator User Group
In terms of the ITS Integrator User Group Constitution, Members of the ITS Integrator User Group shall appoint a member of staff as a User Group Representative. The appointed person shall have the necessary authority to represent the member on the User Group Committee and to act on behalf of the member.

The ITS Integrator User Group is administered by an Executive Committee (EXCO), elected by the ITS Integrator User Group Committee from its members.
The Executive Committee comprises five members, which includes the elected Chairperson of the ITS Integrator User Group and the Company nominated ITS Representative.